Doe Deere:Founder Of The Revolutionary Cosmetics Brand Lime Crime

Women are a vastly undervalued asset in the business world. But the success of Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere is emboldening many other women to show what they can do. When Doe Deere began producing her own brand of colorful, smudge-proof, long-lasting lipstick, nail polish, rouge, eyeliner and more, she didn’t realize the impact she would have on the cosmetics industry and on women in general. When she started her Lime Crime brand in 2008, she was simply sharing her vision of what makeup could look like and how it could be used. Instead she has started a revolution.


Wildly colored makeup is now becoming commonplace and a growing number of female entrepreneurs are now making their mark on the business world. And Doe Deere and her innovative Lime Crime brand has played a role in this. Born in Russia and raised in New York City and very imaginative and confident since she was a child, Doe Deere is not afraid to try new things. She has tried her hand at fashion design, modelling and music with varying degrees of success. Now she is making her mark in the cosmetics industry and giving people the freedom to show their own unique style without fear of being judged negatively.


Always ambitious and not afraid to fail, she is not afraid to dream big. And she encourages other women to do the same. However, she always strives to create the best products possible. Her Lime Crime makeup is made from high-quality vegan ingredients, held to the highest standards, never tested on animals and she tries the products herself so she can be authentic in her praise of them. Plus she has learned long ago to appreciate the people that support her, so she is always glad to communicates with people on social media about what they like about and want from Lime Crime.


Doe Deere loves what she does and is always willing to collaborate with others to improve the range and quality of products Lime Crime offers. With her husband Mark, her talented staff and loyal customer base by her side, she’s been able to overcome the many obstacles she has encountered. She’s lived in a homeless shelter, had several businesses fail, but never gave up hope that she’d be successful. Her confidence, belief in herself, unwavering support and hard work has helped to ensure the success of Lime Crime.


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Betsy DeVos’ Personal Background, Financial Giving and Philanthropy Work

Betsy DeVos can be well-described as a reformer. She undertook her vocation at Calvin College where she actively took part in campus politics. For over 30 years, she has been on the first line in various campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. She has even chaired Michigan Republican Party for six years. One of the best aspects about Mrs. DeVos is her philanthropy work. She is committed to finding innovative solutions, especially for social problems. She chairs the Windquest Group, a private multi-company that invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. Read more about their foundation at

Betsy pursues her philanthropic reforms through various nonprofit roles. Currently, she chairs the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. Mrs. DeVos is a member of some local and national boards such as the Mars Hill Bible Church, DeVos Arts Management Institute, the Foundation for Education Excellence, and Kids Hope USA. She is happy about the private school voucher program and how the movement’s growth has accelerated over the years. For instance, educational-choice programs have seen the number of students grow by approximately 40,000 within the last year. According to recently conducted polls in five states, Mrs. DeVos says that the popularity of educational choice has increased especially among Latinos. More than ever, people are now more aware of the fact that traditional public schools aren’t succeeding. For instance, people have become more open to reforms like education savings accounts, tax credits, and vouchers.

In 1990, she served on the boards of the American Education Reform Council and Children First America. The two focused on expanding educational choice through tax credits and vouchers. The same year, she started a foundation that offered scholarships to needy children. Up-to-date, Mrs. DeVos supports school age children especially from low-income families by ensuring that they have the necessary learning materials as well as safe learning atmosphere.

Her biggest success is Florida where education choice through tax credit scholarship program is widespread. Louisiana and Indiana have also seen major advances in the recent years. The two states recently passed programs that have the ability to serve one million plus students every year. In the coming years, Mrs. DeVos is optimistic that the nation will see more Democratic leaders embrace educational choice programs, especially at the gubernatorial level. Although she is more focused on increasing educational choice, she hopes to change the traditional narrative of assigning schools to students based on their family homes’ zip code. According to Betsy DeVos, charter schools and homeschooling are valid educational choices. The two allow parents to take full charge of the education of their kids. Her dream is to see all parents offered a chance to choose the best education settings for their children despite their zip cope.


A Visionary of a Disease-Free World

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientists focusing on cancer and aging. He studied at First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg where he earned both his M.D in internal medicine and also got his PHD in Cardiology and Experimental Medicine. He worked as the associate medicine professor at New York Medical College.

In 2002 he was appointed as senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute in New York. In 2009 he was appointed as the oncology professor at the New York Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

He is an associate editor to the Cancer Biology and Therapy, he is also chief editor of Oncotarget, cell cycle and aging he is involved in editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation ,Autophagy, American journal of Pathology and PLOS ONE.

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He is considered as one of the best advocates for rapamycin in aging research, this is because he formed a hypothesis about the possible role of TOR and its possible role in cancer and aging. This led to the proposed use of rapamycin which is a cancer treatment drug that is capable of extending ones’ life. He has also done a study on how to slow down aging and age-related diseases.

His research ranges from cellular biology and molecular to clinical investigation that includes anticancer therapeutics that stresses on translation of basic science into new anticancer strategies, cellular senescence and cell cycle.

According to Andrei V. Gudkov who is the Senior Vice- President of Basic Science at Roswell Park, says that Mikhail Blagosklonny is pre-eminent researcher who has developed unique concepts in cancer biology and therapy. The skills and experience he gathered from assorted places he worked at made him become a great professor.

Blagosklonny has published over 270 papers journals that are peer- reviewed with over 25,000 citations. He is the author of aging hyper function theory and cell cycle therapy engineering. He is confident that cancer and aging is controlable. His hard work and commitment in research is what has made him to become one of the known and respected Oncology researchers in the world. His mission is see a disease-free world. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

Rick Shinto’s : Top Leaders in The Healthcare Industry

To get a healthcare facility that is genuinely concerned about its patients, is really hard. Most facilities are all about making money from their clients. And, even where there are a few that are really interested in improving the health lives of their patients, they just don’t have the funds to provide quality care to patients.

One of the facilities that had for a long time been affected by such a situation is InnovaCare. But recently, things have changed. Since the introduction of Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare has been able to thrive at what it does best, helping each and every patients who comes to their door. Today, they are a leading provider for healthcare managed services. The facility is known for its ability to offer quality services at a very affordable cost. The reputation of the company has grown and today it boasts of over 200,000 patients. Such huge success in a very short time. And, the man behind all this is Rick Shinto. Read this article at Open Minds.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare and has been since the year 2012. He is a graduate of State University of New York where he graduated with his medical degree. Prior to attaining his medical degree, he had Irvine’s University of California, acquiring her Bachelor of Science. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, from the University Redlands.

When Shinto first completed his medical degree, he was employed as an internist in a pulmonologist office in South California. His career soon peaked and he was employed by MedPartners, working as the Medical’s Management’s Corporate Vice President. He worked for the company for a period of one year before being tapped into the Cal Optima team. He worked as the chief medical officer of Cal Optima health plan in Orange County California.

Rick Shinto has worked with the North American Medical Management, Illinois, and Medical Pathways Management. Prior to joining InnovaCare, Shinto worked for Aveta Inc. he had joined the company in the year 2008, working as its CEO through to 2012. It was during this time that he got to mean exemplary leaders like Penelope Kokkinides. He worked closely with her and even when he moved to InnovaCare, he never left her behind. Rick Shinto is known for his strategic decision making, which has made InnovaCare run profitably and still offer affordable and quality services. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com.

Free Dating Apps Get An Upgrade From Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Dating apps come in a lot of different flavors. There are free dating apps and others that are considered premium dating apps. Whitney Wolfe knew that after her success with Tinder that she could have gone either way. She decided to create another free dating app that was very similar to the Tinder dating app. This was a big risk since she was already known for another popular dating app, but Bumble would be an innovative app that would put many other dating apps to shame.

Whitney Wolfe knew that she had to change things and make people see that her dating app was one of a kind. The Texas based company called Bumble would arrive as the app that would put women in charge of their dating prospects.

Whitney Wolfe would also expand this Bumble company that she started to give people options for building friendships if they were not seeking other single people today. She is also planning to expand into a networking portion of Bumble wear people can network with others that in the same field that they are in. All of these things will play a part in helping her make Bumble stand out from the other dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe went to build a solid company as she really took a look at what was happening. She would change the direction of the industry. She wanted people to be able to have fun when they used the Bumble app. She wanted something that was different and intriguing to anyone that may have been hesitant to consider a free dating app. For a long time apps that were considered premium have been the ones that have yielded the best results. Whitney Wolfe wanted people to know that there were free dating apps were just as successful.

The History of George Soros

Soros is a well-known Philanthropist all over the globe. He has been using his wealth to open up society foundations with partners and start projects in 100 countries plus. While learning at the London school of financial aspects, Soros came across and influenced the viewpoint of Karl Popper book and is reflected in its name. Popper argues in the book branded as Open Society and its Enemies there is no ideology that is the ultimate arbitrator of reality and the only way society is going to flourish is by having governance that is independent, have the liberty of expression, and value of everyone’s rights. This is what Soros has been fighting the whole of his life hence the book honors him in a great way. Visit to know more about George.

His philanthropist started in 1979 where he gave scholarships under apartheid to the South Africans that were black. George Soros also gave his support to exchange of thoughts which were open in the Communist Eastern bloc where he gave photocopiers that were meant to reprint the texts that were banned. Once Berlin Wall fell, he formed a space at Central European University that was to promote decisive thinking. The concept was unfamiliar in most of the study institutions. Afterward, it spread to other parts of the globe. It was after the end of the famous cold war when he decided to expand his philanthropist to the United States, major parts of Africa and in Asia. His main purpose was and still is to see societies that are democratic. He was among the first influential individuals that stepped up in the war against drugs which was a huge fight as dangerous cartels run the business hence only the strong could fight them, and this is exactly what Soros did.

In the early 2000s, Soros supported the idea of same-sex marriage. This was a way of fighting for a society that is open, and everyone is given the right to love whoever they want. There are multiple inmates that have been locked up unlawfully, and Soros has had lawyers to represent such individuals. Among the biggest achievements in his life is his effort to put together Europe’s Roma. There have been marginalized groups in the society for as long as we can remember and he has single-handedly identified these individuals and paid for their university fees. Nor has he been supporting the organizations he established but also those that are independent.

He has continued with this spirit till today aged 86. This shows his dedication to help the helpless and ensure justice is served. He has continued to take up challenges that permanent solutions will take long to achieve, and this shows you how strong and committed he is. Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

Richard Blair, Providing People With Financial Advice Through Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a businessman and a person who has a keen eye for finance. He is the founder of Wealthy Solutions, a company that offers its services in financial advisory. The main aim of the company is to guide clients through the process of investments and to guide them in their process of choosing the investment option that is best for them. Since its inception, Wealthy Solutions has provided aid to numerous people and has helped them establish a better and more secure financial basis.


Richard Blair has always been someone who wanted to help people out in some way or the other. He also had a keen eye for finance and for seeing the tiny nuances that make a sound financial investment. By combining those two assets, he was able to form Wealthy Solutions and make it the company that it is today. Through the years, numerous people have approached Richard Blair, asking him for his advice on their financial matters. Richard Blair genuinely loved helping people out with their finances and therefore thought of taking that idea one step further and doing business out of it. Because of the sound advice that he has managed to give people over the years, people trust Richard with their financial matters, which is why the firm has managed to garner so many clients who have stuck on with them long after their initial purpose was fulfilled. Richard Blair has worked for over twenty-five years in the sector of finance and therefore can see the details in all of the investments that his clients are keen on partaking in.


Richard Blair didn’t establish Wealthy Solutions overnight. He has had to work extremely hard to build his company from the ground up, which is one of the defining characteristics which has made Richard Blair the success he is today. His hard work and determination to make it in the world of finance shows in all the interactions that Richard Blair has had with his clients and the numerous people that he has helped. According to Richard Blair, one of the main reasons why he has been able to establish such a strong bond with the customers who come to him is the fact that he sees each interaction as a lesson on finance. He believes that through his interactions, he can impart to his clients all the necessary information that they need to apply to their investments.




What Kate Hudson Does for the Fabletics Brand

Kate Hudson is using her social media platform to connect with women and give them a glimpse of what the Fabletics clothing line looks like. That has been one of the best things for the advancement of this brand. When people are able to see it through social media they have a much better understanding of what Hudson is trying to do.

Consumers that are checking out the Fabletics brand will be the most awestruck with the variety that is available here. This is a company that offers thousands of different pieces of apparel.


Kate Hudson realized that in her effort to contend successfully with someone like Jeff Bezos of Amazon that she would have to have a lot of variety. This would be the thing that would make her company stand out. She may be in a position with a company that is smaller than Amazon, but Fabletics has more pieces of clothing for working out than the selection that Amazon has available. Fabletics is able to provide this large variety because this is the only thing that this company specializes in.


There are no electronics or other sporting goods products that are sold on this site. Kate is simply focused on the long line of athletic clothing that women are interested in for jogging, yoga, walking, and swimming. She knows that woman have a lot of different needs because women are in a large number of different activities. She has created a valuable line of clothing that women can appreciate because it is stylish. She also believes that the customer base is bound to grow in a magnificent way because this brand of clothing is affordable.


Hudson has given herself a business model that speaks to a large generation of consumers that may want to work out but realize that they need reasonably priced clothing to do this. In most cases women that are working out are going to lose weight so they don’t want to spend a fortune on the clothing that they are buying for working out. At the same time these women still would like to look stylish when they are hitting the gym so Kate has made it possible for these women to get the best of both worlds. They get the opportunity to look stylish while they are working out, but they also get the chance to buy clothes that are inexpensive. That is one of the main selling points for the Fabletics brand.


Kate Hudson has really been able to prove herself as one of the leaders in this industry. She knows the market well, and see believes that there are even greater opportunities to expand her company in other countries outside of the United States. She has taken an interest in this type of clothing for women, and she makes it her business to promote the brand whenever she has opportunity to do so. She is showing women that a woman can be in a leadership role at this corporate level.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Todd Lubar, A Lover Of The Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is a graduate of Speech Communication from Syracuse University. Most graduates pursue their career with everything they have. Todd had a different passion. He was fascinated by the real estate industry and desired to help people. Passion is fuel for the achievements that anyone would endeavor to have in life. Todd is an example of an individual who used his passion for benefiting himself. His skills in speech communication were useful. He used them as a platform to lead people to the different managerial roles that he served. Todd is currently the chairman of TDLC Global Ventures. This company has been created as a result of hard work and passion, more info can be found on his bio.

Todd did not begin as a manager. He started at junior levels at real estate companies. Todd was resilient and learned the different tricks in the real estate industry. Todd had mastered patience and knew that he needed to have patience. He was not like most young people who want to gain recognition and overnight success. It is said that you have to spend time with the blacksmith if you want to become a blacksmith. Todd followed this wisdom.

Todd Lubar worked at different levels where he learned how to create solutions in the industry. He collaborated with the teammates that he was allocated and came up with solutions to various challenges. These environments molded a character in him that would lead the company in one of the most insecure places to invest in real estate. An individual’s passion makes him want to pay the price of what he or she aspires to achieve in life. Todd picked Baltimore as a place to build his company. This is a place where people were scared of owning property because of previous experiences. Todd had planned to achieve what everyone found challenging. He was able to establish his enterprise known as TDLC.

Todd had learned how to engage with the various people from different cultures since he had worked in various managerial roles in his professional experience. His skills in speech communication were resourceful. They enabled him to develop relationships with his clients. He was able to convince customers that TDLC was a different company that would enable them to become homeowners. Todd Lubar has seen the growth of his business. Todd has been a solution to helpless people. Many people have owned property.

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A Story of Success: How EOS Changed the Lip Balm Game

In a recent article published online called The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick, it discusses how this revolutionary product has changed the lip balm game for the millennial generation. Before EOS sold their products in stores, there were not many options as far as lip care went. But now, everybody can enjoy a sweet-smelling, high-quality, orb-shaped lip balm by EOS.

Interestingly enough, EOS balm has been ranked as the second best lip balm. With its personalized touch for its customers, it has been received the tagline as “the lip balm that makes you smile.” Of course, the process of selling EOS wasn’t the easiest for Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder, and managing partner. In the article, he states that “As we’ve grown, we believe that it is important for consumers to know a little bit more about the business we are and the values we stand for.” This is truly a key aspect in the sales of EOS.

True, it was tough for Mehra and Teller to get EOS into stores. Mehra was familiar with the process, and they’d hired a trusted sales representative. However, the two landed their very first lucky break when it came to a meeting with a Walgreen’s female buyer who loved the sphere-shaped lip balm. Soon enough, it was being stocked on the shelves of Walgreens. Before they knew it, Walmart and Target decided to sell EOS on their shelves as Well. Online merchants Amazon and eBay stocked EOS too.

It’s truly a success story on how EOS has become one of the top-selling and most incredible lip products out there, They smell great and are a helpful product for many.