Nationwide Title Clearing Leads the Industry in Accuracy and Timeliness

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a major document processing company located in Palm Harbor, Florida. They currently serve eight out of ten of the major retail mortgage companies in the United States for their reliance on their document sources. If you have ever been in a closing for a home or a piece of property, you know that the proper documents are essential for a successful closing. If the documents are not correct or they go missing it can delay and disrupt the purchasing process of the property.


Nationwide Title Clearing handles such documents as lien releases, title clearance, assignments, document retrieval, final document processing, nationwide abstractor services, assignment verification reports, current owner and O&E reports, lien verification reports, tax status reports and many other documents.


Nationwide has some stellar statistics regarding results of their efforts and robust ongoing program in delivering documents. There is a .78% failure rate and a 99.89% compliance rate. These figures show that nearly 100% of the time the documents they are seeking are found, and nearly 100% of the documents that are found are accurate.


Much of the credit due is for the employees of Nationwide and the leadership. The training involved is intense, but highly productive. New employees receive three weeks of very in-depth training, and then when they move out to the floor, they are shadowed by supervisors until they are extremely proficient.


There are also over 150 educational modules available for employees for additional knowledge which is available also for employee advancement. The employees work on these on their own and time is set aside for that purpose. At any given time there are from 50% to 70% of the workforce involved.


Nationwide is a very attractive place to work because the wages and benefits are good and it has a good working environment. In a recent podcast given by Nationwide CEO to an industry-wide audience, CEO John Hillman stated that the mortgage business could be a high-stress business, and there are lots of safeguards for employees if they get into difficult situations. One such remedy is lots of helping hands. If an employee gets in over their head, there is plenty of back-ups to pick up the load. The responsibilities are shared responsibilities which speak well of the overall esprit de corps of the organization.


Nationwide has set the pace in the industry as far as compliance and expediency. Their relationships with their clients tell the final story. The results speak for themselves.


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