The Leading and Most Innovative Health Provider in Brazil is Copa Star Hospital

One of the best health facilities providing first class health care services in Brazil is Copa Star Hospital. The modern health facility is in a seven-story building sitting on 21,000 meters square of undulating ground. The entire building is constructed of slabs with hydrostatic qualities to guarantee no permeability and structural strength. With a diagnostic center, nine operating rooms, 45 ICUs, and general wards numbering 105, Copa Star is one of the leading hospitals in Brazil with the most advanced medical equipment. The international class services offered at the facility is premised on innovative technological concepts of patient care. The administrators of Copa Star believe that exceptional treatment in luxurious settings aids quick recovery. The high quality of medical care the hospital gives is superior to what many other hospitals can provide.

The medical center is situated in Copacabana in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro at Figueiredo Magalhães Street, and apart from the high quality of care patients receive, the health institution also provides luxury, comfort, and sophisticated care to all patients. The environment around the Copa Star is peaceful and welcoming to people of all classes. The health professionals employed at the facility are dedicated, well trained, and experienced in taking care of patients. All the health experts are under an obligation to give individualized treatment. To enhance efficiency, everything aspect of the institution is made functional, for instance, there is an advanced system of eHealth that incorporates Ipads that enable patients to call nurses and doctors for help whenever they are in trouble. The system also allows them to have access to their medical records so that they can directly discuss any problems with their doctors. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Many of the wards look like private luxury apartments. They have automatic systems which draw back curtains and control the intensity of light. The patients do not have to get up to switch on lights or pull back the curtains, and they are allocated comfortable accommodation which allows the maximum level of privacy they might need. The architecture of the entire building is designed to permit easy passage for stretcher bearers and other medical equipment that might need moving so that the physicians can operate efficiently and precisely.

Beautiful works of art are used to decorate every room to reduce stress levels that patients might experience. The elegant ambiance is meant to increase positive emotional responses so that the sick people can adjust well to treatment. The welcoming surroundings make the relatives or friends who visit to feel relaxed and not anxious in any way. The technological innovations, beautiful architecture, welcoming settings, and highly trained doctors combine to make Copa Star Hospital the most beloved health institution in Brazil.

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