“The lip balm that makes you smile”

Last October Fast Company did a write-up on the start of EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, to highlight some of the non-traditional methods that the founders used to bring a brand-new product to the fore. The co-founders, Sanjiv Mehra, a marketing specialist who had worked for Pepsico and other big businesses, worked together with two men fresh from “start-up incubators” Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky (Dubitsky left to work on his own project).

EOS’s founders screened the cosmetic market for stale commodities and landed on lip balm. ten years ago there were not many options aside from the Chap-stick and copycat products in their easily-lost tubes and unchanging flavors.

Research revealed that the unisex balms were purchased primarily by women, but were marketed to men. Mehra and Teller focused instead on the obvious customer base, women, and narrowed further by choosing style-conscious women 25-35 as a target audience.

Women reported finding lip balm a bit distasteful; they took no pleasure in using the tubes. In designing their project, they follow their tagline, “The lip balm that makes you smile.” EOS lip balm designed a product that pleasurably engaged all five senses. Each pastel ball had an easy-grip plastic that felt smooth and softly coated or textured at the same time–a matte, soft plastic that feels almost velvety. Pastel colors make the spheres look almost like Easter eggs or chocolate truffles, the association to candy or delightful gifts is a quick one to make. When the lid is closed it gives a soft “click” that reassures all that it’s definitely closed. The moisturizing balm easily covers the lips and feels deliciously smooth. Ulta reviewers raved about the flavors.

Mehra and Teller promoted the product in magazines and on TV but also went after product placement opportunities, such as in the music videos of Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. They sponsored one of Demi Lovato’s world tour. They asked social media style personalities on Facebook and YouTube to review their products. Popular, stylish celebrities showed up in magazines and on TV holding the cute little orbs. Using this “influencer” marketing delivered the product directly to their demographic. Today EOS lip balm brand moves one million units a week, making those second only to Burt’s Bees according to Kline Research.

For more info, visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html.

What Kate Hudson Does for the Fabletics Brand

Kate Hudson is using her social media platform to connect with women and give them a glimpse of what the Fabletics clothing line looks like. That has been one of the best things for the advancement of this brand. When people are able to see it through social media they have a much better understanding of what Hudson is trying to do.

Consumers that are checking out the Fabletics brand will be the most awestruck with the variety that is available here. This is a company that offers thousands of different pieces of apparel.


Kate Hudson realized that in her effort to contend successfully with someone like Jeff Bezos of Amazon that she would have to have a lot of variety. This would be the thing that would make her company stand out. She may be in a position with a company that is smaller than Amazon, but Fabletics has more pieces of clothing for working out than the selection that Amazon has available. Fabletics is able to provide this large variety because this is the only thing that this company specializes in.


There are no electronics or other sporting goods products that are sold on this site. Kate is simply focused on the long line of athletic clothing that women are interested in for jogging, yoga, walking, and swimming. She knows that woman have a lot of different needs because women are in a large number of different activities. She has created a valuable line of clothing that women can appreciate because it is stylish. She also believes that the customer base is bound to grow in a magnificent way because this brand of clothing is affordable.


Hudson has given herself a business model that speaks to a large generation of consumers that may want to work out but realize that they need reasonably priced clothing to do this. In most cases women that are working out are going to lose weight so they don’t want to spend a fortune on the clothing that they are buying for working out. At the same time these women still would like to look stylish when they are hitting the gym so Kate has made it possible for these women to get the best of both worlds. They get the opportunity to look stylish while they are working out, but they also get the chance to buy clothes that are inexpensive. That is one of the main selling points for the Fabletics brand.


Kate Hudson has really been able to prove herself as one of the leaders in this industry. She knows the market well, and see believes that there are even greater opportunities to expand her company in other countries outside of the United States. She has taken an interest in this type of clothing for women, and she makes it her business to promote the brand whenever she has opportunity to do so. She is showing women that a woman can be in a leadership role at this corporate level.

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