How Securus Technologies Helps Towards Keeping Communities Safe and Protected

The program of Securus Technologies has been created to make people’s lives easier in the sense the communications can be conducted without issues and strength. The communications protocols are quite strong and secure, thus making it a wonderful option for strong forms of communication among its users.


The program has been primarily create to give inmates a communications option in which they’re able to video chat with those who are outside of the correctional facilities. If you’re unsure about what exactly the program is, you may want to consider looking at some of the details on its website. You will discover that it’s a BBB accredited site that has also been reviewed and rated quite well.


The program of Securus Technologies is also helpful to law enforcement officials as it has given them a way to uncover crimes that may be ongoing in jail systems, some of which they may have been aware about until the instances of them may have been spoken about in the video chat sessions. Securus Technologies can be monitored by law enforcement agencies and utilized as evidence to begin cases of investigations. Oftentimes, crimes occur in the jail systems in which only the inmates are aware about, or corruption among staff members in the facilities. If such matters are spoken about in the video sessions, law enforcement can save such sessions and proceed with actions that would not only monitor the jails, but also put a stop to the crime(s). This is why Securus Technologies is considered to be a great choice of solutions for any and all people. It helps to keep our communities safe because believe it or not, crimes that often occur in jails can eventually carry over to the civilian side of the world. See what more this program is about today by visiting its website.


The Top UK Vintners

In the United Kingdom a wine merchant is called a vintner. They are the people responsible for getting the wine from the wineries and to the consumer. This involves making deals to get the wines into stores and homes. In the U.S. the title vintner is also used to denote people involved in wine making. But in the United Kingdom where the term was first used in Middle English, the vintner is specifically a merchant that sells wine. In England in the 14th and 15th centuries these people were so important that during Edward II’s reign four of London’s mayors were vintners.

Top UK Vintners

Being a vintner in the United Kingdom has long been a desired and well-respected profession. Today there are countless vintners plying their trade in the UK. But not all UK vintners are the same. The experience, history and success of some UK vintners is what sets them apart. Today there are numerous vintners that are considered to be very good, but the following 6 companies are considered to be the top UK vintners.

One is The Vintner, a London based company which offers 100 types of fortified and dessert wines. McKinley Vintners is another. They market wines from France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the USA. UKV PLC is one of the UK vintners known for offering the UK’s most impressive champagnes and wines and noted professionals that curate fine wines. A&B Vintners is a UK vintner based in Kent. The owner works directly with customers to supply them with wines from Italy, Burgundy, the south of France, the Rhone Valley, Germany, Austria and Oregon. Merchant Vintners has been supplying wine to small businesses in England and Scotland for over 50 years. Only members can view its exclusive product list. Viader Vintners is a company based in Cardiff that been hosting events and marketing wines from over 18 regions worldwide for over 15 years.

Ordering Wines

There are a number of ways to purchase wine from the top UK vintners for personal or business use. You can visit their websites or contact them directly. Buyers can order online and have the wine delivered. Other vintners meet with customers personally. Some host wine tasting events and offer a number of storage and delivery options. Some vintners require people become members to see the exclusive products they offer. Most vintners have something for everyone to enjoy.

Nathaniel Ru Starting a Business

If you have a passion to start a business, there are a lot of great people to model yourself after. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job with Sweet Green. This is a new business concept that is based around healthy eating. Over the long term, eating healthy can be more expensive than the cheap food that is offered other places. Many people today are willing to pay more for healthy food in order to increase overall levels of wellness. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job of building up his business from nothing.


Nathaniel Ru


From the time he started out in business, Nathaniel Ru knew that he had a great opportunity to build something great. He has always concentrated on adding value to others, and he is using his great business experience to make a positive impact in the world. If you are ready to start investing for the future, Nathaniel Ru is the person to work with. He knows how to scale a business from the ground up, and he has the work ethic to follow through. When he started Sweet Green, he had very little capital to work with. It will be interesting to see how he does in the coming years as more competition comes on the market.


Future Plans


Nathaniel Ru has a lot of great plans for Sweet Green to expand the number of locations offered to customers. There is also a major move to take all of the commerce online. Many customers are willing to pay more for healthy food, and experts think that this trend will continue. Over the long term, it is companies that understand their customers that will continue to have a lot of success. Sweet Green is a profitable company because it provides quality products at a fair price. Over time, Nathaniel Ru will continue to do the things that made his business successful in the first place. If you want to start a business of your own, following his example is one of the best things that you can do. He is a great person in the local community as well.


Mike Baur is Accelerating Exciting Startups

Mike Baur is a self-made banking go-getter. Currently, Baur is the co-founder of one of the most substantial exclusively invested information and communications technology (ICT) company, Swiss Startup Factory. For over 20 years Mike worked in the Swiss Private Banking Industry and made waves with his passion for developing financial opportunities for high potential startups. Mike “made his way up from a commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank.” (Fusion “Mike Baur Co-Founder & CEO of Swiss Startup Factory”) Accessed 16 Jan. 2017


The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) was started in 2014 in Zurich…main aim is to identify and support nascent and thriving digital entrepreneurs.” (Blitzkrieg Games “The story of Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory” 18 Jun. 2016,) Accessed 16 Jan. 2017. SSUF has a program that takes chosen startup companies that focus on digital technology and give them financial backing and mentoring to create a niche to be a competitor in the market. With Baur’s passion for entrepreneurs and the youth SSUF has helped with the success of providential new companies. His enthusiasm for the youth perhaps go back to his love of banking and finance that “started way back in his early days as a teenager in his home town of Fribourg, Switzerland.” (Blitzkrieg Games “The story of Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory” 18 Jun. 2016, ) Accessed 16 Jan. 2017. It is no wonder that Baur successfully holds a MBA from University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from University of Berne.


With Mike and SSUF leading a new generation of entrepreneurs and startups the future of new ICT companies is bright. SSUF is geared towards growth by helping new startups with iterations, team building, mentor sessions, and sales ideas. After more than 1’500 start-up applications in 2016 alone, they completed two outstanding Accelerator batches, aided by the expertise of more than 50 mentors. (Swiss Startup Factory “Introduction of a high-profile Advisory Board at the Swiss Startup Factory” 12 Jan. 2017,) Accessed 16 Jan. 2017. With the mission of prevailing norms, products, and business models, SSUF and Mike Baur will oversee progress in this developing world.

Everyday Memories Using Securus

I’ve seen first hand how Securus offers communication services to inmates. The company not only offers phone calls to inmates, but video services are also available in some locations. One of the best things about the video service is that inmates can use it on a daily basis as long as the other person has a computer. A time might need to be scheduled for the video visit, but this method of communication is much better than talking on a phone with the risk of losing the connection, which would mean losing the money that was spent for the call.

A father can take part in birthday celebrations and everyday events with his family and friends. He won’t have to miss out on the simple moments as well as the special events that his family is taking part in without him. One father was able to have a video call with his family while they were singing “Happy Birthday.” He was able to see a little puppy on the video, something that he wouldn’t be able to see if he was only on the phone.

The Securus video communication system is one that lets families be together while one is incarcerated. The father can see his children playing outside. He can watch them as they do their homework. He can take part in some of the family decisions that are made. The children can see their father on a daily basis instead of waiting to see him at the facility once a week when the video system is used.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Success and Innovation of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is well known and well respected for being an American entrepreneur and businessman who has always been an individual who has been considered to always have been ahead of his time through the fact that he has always had passion for solving some of the world’s most complex problems. Eric Pulier, even at an early age, had always known what he wanted to do for his career path. At the early age of nine, Mr. Pulier built his first computer. Over the years, Mr. Pulier’s passion for technology continued to grow as he founded his first business ever in high school. This business built data bases for clients. Even at an early age, his talent with technology did not go unnoticed. By his senior year, his talent earned him a spot at the prestigious Harvard University. By 1988, Mr. Pulier graduated from this prestigious school with a degree in English and American Literature as well as a drive to pursue great things.

By 1991, Mr. Pulier had left his hometown of New Jersey and had moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for business. By 1991, Mr. Pulier had founded his first company after graduation which was named People Doing Things. Like the name of the company, Mr. Pulier created the company to help solve some of the world’s most complex and threatening issues through the use of innovative technological solutions. This first company was just the first of many more successful companies to follow in his wake.

Mr. Pulier has always been considered to be a great success. After People Doing Things, Pulier went on to develop and co-found over 15 more successful startup companies that all specialized in helping others as well as informing others of issues that must be noted as well as addressed. Though Mr. Pulier regards himself as a successful individual, it is not the successful companies or the wealth that defines him as such. To Mr. Pulier success comes from failure. As a businessman it is failure and that following actions that define and individual as successful or not successful.


Eric Pulier: The importance of philanthropy and giving back to the community

John Goullet of Diversant Says Smaller Could Reap Big Rewards

Slim budgets that affect staffing levels are a national concern says John Goullet of Diversant LLC. For years, Goullet’s companies have addressed the deficit in hiring staff. With constant changes in the market, companies must be able to react quickly and remain flexible. Staff shortages through attrition, or even short-term absences via holidays or illness must be balanced. Also in the context of medium and long-term projects, having flexible staffing offers valuable potential to save time and money. John Goullet ensures staffing concerns don’t encroach on business goals.

Recruiting For Smaller Businesses

For small businesses, competition for hiring with the big boys is an ongoing challenge. Larger companies have greater resources to recruit their desired employees, and they also have the ability to offer better benefits, including options for health and for retirement. Many large companies also have the resources to invest in the professional development of their employees, like upward mobility programs. According to John Goullet, with creative recruitment techniques and an extensive database, a small business can attract highly qualified candidates who will stay and become a loyal team member.

John Goullet advises that small businesses should highlight the “small.” When recruiting candidates, companies should acknowledge the advantages of being employed by a small firm. For example, because of a small staff, employees typically must perform duties outside of their job description. This gives them the ability to quickly learn new skills and the growth potential of the job becomes more appealing. Talented employees can quickly advance to managerial positions, minimizing turnover and maximizing employee satisfaction.

After a successful career at Computer Sciences Corporation, John Goullet founded the hugely successful INFO technologies, growing revenues to $30 million in under five years. As the head of the company, Goullet positioned the business as a leader in the IT staffing industry and merged with another staffing contractor to create Diversant LLC. With over two decades of IT experience, several successful ventures within the IT industry, and innovative customized solutions, John Goullet has attained a reputation for providing the best practices in recruiting and retaining qualified candidates.

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Kenneth Goodgame: Entrepreneurship with a Difference

For those who do not know who Kenneth Goodgame is, he is the Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Hardware Company. He is also the Senior Vice President of the company since 2013. Goodgame is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he studied marketing and finance. Kenneth Goodgame is known by many people in the world of entrepreneurship because of his high performance and experience in the field of marketing. He is also known as an expert in profit and loss management and has worked with teams that offer only the best management services.

Kenneth Goodgame is a household name when it comes to converting low performing enterprises to profit-earning ones. He has the experience and the knowledge required to steer companies and their managers in the right direction in terms of innovative management and productivity in general. His philosophy is to not only focus on the management of the internal systems but also to focus on the customers and potential clients. Working with Kenneth Goodgame has given companies such as True Value Hardware Company recognition across the globe.

Before Goodgame joined the True Value Hardware Company he was the manager of the Global Materials department at the Ace Hardware. While he was there, he was recognized for driving sales and for improving the systems and processes in the company. He also helped the company to develop a long term plan for growth as well as new products. Goodgame has also held top positions at other top companies in the United States. These companies include the Home Depot as well a s Black and Decker.

Goodgame’s experience and wealth of knowledge has benefited most companies he has worked with before. He has specialised in innovative ways of ensuring business growth and profitability. Companies that have him on their team are happy with the results that he offers as well as the systems which he develops for them to achieve success for the long term. Goodgame is clearly a gem and with his skills, companies have managed to keep their losses to a minimum while enjoying good business.

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Talk Fusion Reaps The Rewards Of Success

Talk Fusion is a video communication service that is growing at a rapid pace. Video chat, live streaming, email video marketing, and other services are available through the company. Many clients are thrilled with their Talk Fusion experience as should be expected. Talk Fusion, run by the very energetic CEO Bob Reina, always focuses on the needs of its clients.

Talk Fusion services are available in 85 countries across the globe. The company is listed in the top ten of all online video content providers in the world. Ironically, the development of Talk Fusion came about completely by accident. Bob Reina was employed as a police office when he launched his part-time marketing endeavor. Originally, Reina simply wanted to email a video within the content of the message. AOL – to Reina’s shock – lacked the ability to facilitate such a request. The then-internet colossus did not have a service feature Reina new people wanted. So, Reina went to work with developers and partners to create email video messages. A brilliant new marketing strategy and global business ended up being born.

Forbes pointed out that small business owners truly do have to become comfortable with using video. A large segment of potential customers react very positively to moving imagery. A certain segment, depending upon the particular product or service in question, won’t respond at all unless they see video images.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are able to reap the rewards of these new trends in marketing. Talk Fusion has become a highly profitable company as a result. The company is even sharing that good fortune with others through a series of charitable “Giving Back” endeavors. Overall, Talk Fusion is a company doing extremely well and should be positioned to continue to do well for the future.

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