Doe Deere:Founder Of The Revolutionary Cosmetics Brand Lime Crime

Women are a vastly undervalued asset in the business world. But the success of Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere is emboldening many other women to show what they can do. When Doe Deere began producing her own brand of colorful, smudge-proof, long-lasting lipstick, nail polish, rouge, eyeliner and more, she didn’t realize the impact she would have on the cosmetics industry and on women in general. When she started her Lime Crime brand in 2008, she was simply sharing her vision of what makeup could look like and how it could be used. Instead she has started a revolution.


Wildly colored makeup is now becoming commonplace and a growing number of female entrepreneurs are now making their mark on the business world. And Doe Deere and her innovative Lime Crime brand has played a role in this. Born in Russia and raised in New York City and very imaginative and confident since she was a child, Doe Deere is not afraid to try new things. She has tried her hand at fashion design, modelling and music with varying degrees of success. Now she is making her mark in the cosmetics industry and giving people the freedom to show their own unique style without fear of being judged negatively.


Always ambitious and not afraid to fail, she is not afraid to dream big. And she encourages other women to do the same. However, she always strives to create the best products possible. Her Lime Crime makeup is made from high-quality vegan ingredients, held to the highest standards, never tested on animals and she tries the products herself so she can be authentic in her praise of them. Plus she has learned long ago to appreciate the people that support her, so she is always glad to communicates with people on social media about what they like about and want from Lime Crime.


Doe Deere loves what she does and is always willing to collaborate with others to improve the range and quality of products Lime Crime offers. With her husband Mark, her talented staff and loyal customer base by her side, she’s been able to overcome the many obstacles she has encountered. She’s lived in a homeless shelter, had several businesses fail, but never gave up hope that she’d be successful. Her confidence, belief in herself, unwavering support and hard work has helped to ensure the success of Lime Crime.


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