Free Dating Apps Get An Upgrade From Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Dating apps come in a lot of different flavors. There are free dating apps and others that are considered premium dating apps. Whitney Wolfe knew that after her success with Tinder that she could have gone either way. She decided to create another free dating app that was very similar to the Tinder dating app. This was a big risk since she was already known for another popular dating app, but Bumble would be an innovative app that would put many other dating apps to shame.

Whitney Wolfe knew that she had to change things and make people see that her dating app was one of a kind. The Texas based company called Bumble would arrive as the app that would put women in charge of their dating prospects.

Whitney Wolfe would also expand this Bumble company that she started to give people options for building friendships if they were not seeking other single people today. She is also planning to expand into a networking portion of Bumble wear people can network with others that in the same field that they are in. All of these things will play a part in helping her make Bumble stand out from the other dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe went to build a solid company as she really took a look at what was happening. She would change the direction of the industry. She wanted people to be able to have fun when they used the Bumble app. She wanted something that was different and intriguing to anyone that may have been hesitant to consider a free dating app. For a long time apps that were considered premium have been the ones that have yielded the best results. Whitney Wolfe wanted people to know that there were free dating apps were just as successful.

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