The History of George Soros

Soros is a well-known Philanthropist all over the globe. He has been using his wealth to open up society foundations with partners and start projects in 100 countries plus. While learning at the London school of financial aspects, Soros came across and influenced the viewpoint of Karl Popper book and is reflected in its name. Popper argues in the book branded as Open Society and its Enemies there is no ideology that is the ultimate arbitrator of reality and the only way society is going to flourish is by having governance that is independent, have the liberty of expression, and value of everyone’s rights. This is what Soros has been fighting the whole of his life hence the book honors him in a great way. Visit to know more about George.

His philanthropist started in 1979 where he gave scholarships under apartheid to the South Africans that were black. George Soros also gave his support to exchange of thoughts which were open in the Communist Eastern bloc where he gave photocopiers that were meant to reprint the texts that were banned. Once Berlin Wall fell, he formed a space at Central European University that was to promote decisive thinking. The concept was unfamiliar in most of the study institutions. Afterward, it spread to other parts of the globe. It was after the end of the famous cold war when he decided to expand his philanthropist to the United States, major parts of Africa and in Asia. His main purpose was and still is to see societies that are democratic. He was among the first influential individuals that stepped up in the war against drugs which was a huge fight as dangerous cartels run the business hence only the strong could fight them, and this is exactly what Soros did.

In the early 2000s, Soros supported the idea of same-sex marriage. This was a way of fighting for a society that is open, and everyone is given the right to love whoever they want. There are multiple inmates that have been locked up unlawfully, and Soros has had lawyers to represent such individuals. Among the biggest achievements in his life is his effort to put together Europe’s Roma. There have been marginalized groups in the society for as long as we can remember and he has single-handedly identified these individuals and paid for their university fees. Nor has he been supporting the organizations he established but also those that are independent.

He has continued with this spirit till today aged 86. This shows his dedication to help the helpless and ensure justice is served. He has continued to take up challenges that permanent solutions will take long to achieve, and this shows you how strong and committed he is. Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

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