Nationwide Title Clearing Leads the Industry in Accuracy and Timeliness

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a major document processing company located in Palm Harbor, Florida. They currently serve eight out of ten of the major retail mortgage companies in the United States for their reliance on their document sources. If you have ever been in a closing for a home or a piece of property, you know that the proper documents are essential for a successful closing. If the documents are not correct or they go missing it can delay and disrupt the purchasing process of the property.


Nationwide Title Clearing handles such documents as lien releases, title clearance, assignments, document retrieval, final document processing, nationwide abstractor services, assignment verification reports, current owner and O&E reports, lien verification reports, tax status reports and many other documents.


Nationwide has some stellar statistics regarding results of their efforts and robust ongoing program in delivering documents. There is a .78% failure rate and a 99.89% compliance rate. These figures show that nearly 100% of the time the documents they are seeking are found, and nearly 100% of the documents that are found are accurate.


Much of the credit due is for the employees of Nationwide and the leadership. The training involved is intense, but highly productive. New employees receive three weeks of very in-depth training, and then when they move out to the floor, they are shadowed by supervisors until they are extremely proficient.


There are also over 150 educational modules available for employees for additional knowledge which is available also for employee advancement. The employees work on these on their own and time is set aside for that purpose. At any given time there are from 50% to 70% of the workforce involved.


Nationwide is a very attractive place to work because the wages and benefits are good and it has a good working environment. In a recent podcast given by Nationwide CEO to an industry-wide audience, CEO John Hillman stated that the mortgage business could be a high-stress business, and there are lots of safeguards for employees if they get into difficult situations. One such remedy is lots of helping hands. If an employee gets in over their head, there is plenty of back-ups to pick up the load. The responsibilities are shared responsibilities which speak well of the overall esprit de corps of the organization.


Nationwide has set the pace in the industry as far as compliance and expediency. Their relationships with their clients tell the final story. The results speak for themselves.


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Fashion Guru- Don Ressler Has Some New Fashion Ideas

Don Ressler is an American entrepreneur who has invested in the fashion industry. Don is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics. Mr. Don began his investment and business journey at a young age. He established his first company Fitness which he later sold it to Intermix Media in 2001. His love for fashion led him to create another fashion company in 2006 together with his co-founder at

Don Ressler has been working hand in hand with his partner to bring style to another level, and 2017, the two partners renewed their working agreement and commitment. Don Ressler is a go-getter and a leader he has also served in leadership positions in various organizations including Intelligent Beauty where he is the co-founder and the Co- Chief Executive Officer, he is the co-founder of Alena Media and was at the forefront of manufacturing and creating their skin brand Hydroderm. Don is also the co-founder of Brand Ideas on Bloomberg.

In March 2010 Don and Adam co-founded JustFab. Later JustFab changed its name to Techstyle, and it acquired the children’s subscription company Fabkids. Don led the organization to higher heights using the knowledge he had in the fashion industry as well as the online marketing. As the Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics, Don Ressler ensures that every woman has access to their clothes and wear what they want, and those who prefer their clothes to be shipped get exactly what they want.

Fabletics is an Athleisure brand which began online, but with the help of Don Ressler, the brand is now moving to retail stores across the world. Don is making sure that every woman is getting Fabletics fashion wear from their nearest retail outlet. Mr. Don is an influencer in the fashion industry because he has been managing the largest fashion brands in the United States as well as the world, JustFab, and Fabletics. D on has been making continuous efforts to see the two fashion brands expand on

Karl Heideck The Brotherly Litigator

Karl Heideck The Brotherly LitigatorThe litigation process is the process of suing an individual or organization. That means a litigator is someone who specializes in suing a person or company. The process depends on the type of claim you are filing.

The litigation process consists of a Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim, an Appearance has to be filed, the Statement of Defense, a Summary Judgment Application, a Counterclaim (if applicable), the Defense to Counterclaim, a Third Party Claim (in some cases), the Discovery of Documents, an Examination for Discovery, the Discovery by Interrogatories, the Trial Date Set, a Pretrial Conference, the Trial, the Judgment, the Appeal, an Examination in Aid of Execution, the Execution of Judgment, and a Settlement (typically done before going to trial). Not all these steps are followed depending on the type of claim you file.

To be a litigator a person needs to obtain an undergraduate degree, juris doctor (J.D), and pass the bar exam. Schooling can take around three years with the final two years primarily focusing on trial procedures etc. Before you can even go to law school, however, one has to take and pass the LSAT which is the Law Schools Admissions Test.

Karl Heideck is a top litigator for the law office of Pepper Hamilton LLP in Jenkintown, PA. He has been licensed and practicing for over 8 years. While Karl Heideck has experience in compliance and risk management, he specializes in litigation. The capabilities of Karl Heideck is broad, spanning from Employment Law to Intellectual Property.

Karl Heideck went to Swarthmore College where he received his BA in 2003. Karl then went on to Temple University-James E. Beasley School of Law where he received his J.D in 2009.

Check out Jarl Heideck on his LinkedIn account.

Sam Tabar’s New Mission At Full Cycle

Sam Tabar was recently announced by Full Cycle as the chief operating officer. The appointment is a shift by the company to cost saving along with earth friendly fuels. Tabar, the former manager of capital strategy at Merrill Lynch, joined the firm as the new COO.

Bloomberg revealed to us that Sam Tabar was excited to work with the senior leadership of the firm. Sam Tabar’s unique business strategies, experience, as well as his accomplishments in previous firms played an important role in Full Cycle hiring his services.

Prior to joining the corporate world, Sam Tabar enrolled and completed his studies at Oxford University. He went on to earn his BA as well as MA. Additionally, he joined the Columbia School of Law from where he completed his legal education.

After graduating, he became a practicing lawyer in New York working in one of the leading law firms. He worked for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. Sam made an instant impact at the law firm due to his extraordinary strategies.

In addition to excelling in the legal profession, Sam Tabar has spent many years honing his business strategies. In particular, Sam has extensive knowledge of the Asian region. He has served in leading corporations such as Merrill Lynch, PMA Investment Advisors, and SPARX Group as a hedge fund manager.

According to, Sam Tabar is also a brilliant investor aside from serving as legal professional and business strategist. Recently, he invested in THINX. Tabar invested in the firm with the aim of helping females in African as well as Asian countries. The investment also resulted in the establishment of a GoFundMe.

By naming Tabar as the chief operating officer, Full Cycle aims to expand their flow of energy and grow its business. Sam Tabar will use his legal experience as well as business strategies that he has developed for many years.

That is from the various legal and financial firms he has served in. He will bring that experience to the company and lead it to the next face in its operations.

That is because Full Cycle is dedicated to changing the energy sector by shifting away from polluting fossil fuels. Sam Tabar will ensure that the objective is actualized.

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Arthur Becker Investor in Real Estate

Arthur Becker is one of the leading investors in real estate and technology today. Over the years, he has proven to truly care about the lives of other people that he interacts with. Over time, he has built a nice real estate empire that a lot of people are exited about for the future. Not only that, but he is helping other people jump into the game. Over the years, there are a lot of people who have learned the basics of helping others in this area from him. If you want to learn to invest in real estate for the present and the future, he is the type of person that you should be learning from. Arthur Becker of the Madison Partners NYC is one of the leading voices in business today.

Finding a Property

With the surge in real estate prices, a lot of people are now looking for an investment property. According to the US Magazine, this is a huge expense and investment, and the process needs to be thought of carefully. With all of the changes that people have gone through recently in the market, a lot of people are looking to jump into the real estate market. There are several strategies with real estate investing. One is to buy a lower-end property that is more for cash flow than it is for appreciation. The other side of that is to buy a really nice property in a nice area that is meant for future price appreciation. A lot of people love the opportunity to build wealth every month when they receive a monthly rental income check. If you want to excel over time with money, always having a long term mentality is key.

Future Plans

A lot of people today want to start investing for their future. However, they are unsure of how to do that without the guidance of an expert in the field. Arthur Becker ( helps a lot of people get started and he has the experience that you need to make a positive impact on your personal finances. With all of the recent changes in this area, he is excited for the future.