Everyday Memories Using Securus

I’ve seen first hand how Securus offers communication services to inmates. The company not only offers phone calls to inmates, but video services are also available in some locations. One of the best things about the video service is that inmates can use it on a daily basis as long as the other person has a computer. A time might need to be scheduled for the video visit, but this method of communication is much better than talking on a phone with the risk of losing the connection, which would mean losing the money that was spent for the call.

A father can take part in birthday celebrations and everyday events with his family and friends. He won’t have to miss out on the simple moments as well as the special events that his family is taking part in without him. One father was able to have a video call with his family while they were singing “Happy Birthday.” He was able to see a little puppy on the video, something that he wouldn’t be able to see if he was only on the phone.

The Securus video communication system is one that lets families be together while one is incarcerated. The father can see his children playing outside. He can watch them as they do their homework. He can take part in some of the family decisions that are made. The children can see their father on a daily basis instead of waiting to see him at the facility once a week when the video system is used.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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