The Success and Innovation of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is well known and well respected for being an American entrepreneur and businessman who has always been an individual who has been considered to always have been ahead of his time through the fact that he has always had passion for solving some of the world’s most complex problems. Eric Pulier, even at an early age, had always known what he wanted to do for his career path. At the early age of nine, Mr. Pulier built his first computer. Over the years, Mr. Pulier’s passion for technology continued to grow as he founded his first business ever in high school. This business built data bases for clients. Even at an early age, his talent with technology did not go unnoticed. By his senior year, his talent earned him a spot at the prestigious Harvard University. By 1988, Mr. Pulier graduated from this prestigious school with a degree in English and American Literature as well as a drive to pursue great things.

By 1991, Mr. Pulier had left his hometown of New Jersey and had moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for business. By 1991, Mr. Pulier had founded his first company after graduation which was named People Doing Things. Like the name of the company, Mr. Pulier created the company to help solve some of the world’s most complex and threatening issues through the use of innovative technological solutions. This first company was just the first of many more successful companies to follow in his wake.

Mr. Pulier has always been considered to be a great success. After People Doing Things, Pulier went on to develop and co-found over 15 more successful startup companies that all specialized in helping others as well as informing others of issues that must be noted as well as addressed. Though Mr. Pulier regards himself as a successful individual, it is not the successful companies or the wealth that defines him as such. To Mr. Pulier success comes from failure. As a businessman it is failure and that following actions that define and individual as successful or not successful.


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