Kenneth Goodgame: Entrepreneurship with a Difference

For those who do not know who Kenneth Goodgame is, he is the Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Hardware Company. He is also the Senior Vice President of the company since 2013. Goodgame is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he studied marketing and finance. Kenneth Goodgame is known by many people in the world of entrepreneurship because of his high performance and experience in the field of marketing. He is also known as an expert in profit and loss management and has worked with teams that offer only the best management services.

Kenneth Goodgame is a household name when it comes to converting low performing enterprises to profit-earning ones. He has the experience and the knowledge required to steer companies and their managers in the right direction in terms of innovative management and productivity in general. His philosophy is to not only focus on the management of the internal systems but also to focus on the customers and potential clients. Working with Kenneth Goodgame has given companies such as True Value Hardware Company recognition across the globe.

Before Goodgame joined the True Value Hardware Company he was the manager of the Global Materials department at the Ace Hardware. While he was there, he was recognized for driving sales and for improving the systems and processes in the company. He also helped the company to develop a long term plan for growth as well as new products.

Goodgame’s experience and wealth of knowledge has benefited most companies he has worked with before. He has specialised in innovative ways of ensuring business growth and profitability. Companies that have him on their team are happy with the results that he offers as well as the systems which he develops for them to achieve success for the long term. Goodgame is clearly a gem and with his skills, companies have managed to keep their losses to a minimum while enjoying good business.

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