John Goullet of Diversant Says Smaller Could Reap Big Rewards

Slim budgets that affect staffing levels are a national concern says John Goullet of Diversant LLC. For years, Goullet’s companies have addressed the deficit in hiring staff. With constant changes in the market, companies must be able to react quickly and remain flexible. Staff shortages through attrition, or even short-term absences via holidays or illness must be balanced. Also in the context of medium and long-term projects, having flexible staffing offers valuable potential to save time and money. John Goullet ensures staffing concerns don’t encroach on business goals.

Recruiting For Smaller Businesses

For small businesses, competition for hiring with the big boys is an ongoing challenge.  Many large companies also have the resources to invest in the professional development of their employees, like upward mobility programs. According to John Goullet, with creative recruitment techniques and an extensive database, a small business can attract highly qualified candidates who will stay and become a loyal team member.

John Goullet advises that small businesses should highlight the “small.” When recruiting candidates, companies should acknowledge the advantages of being employed by a small firm. For example, because of a small staff, employees typically must perform duties outside of their job description. This gives them the ability to quickly learn new skills and the growth potential of the job becomes more appealing. Talented employees can quickly advance to managerial positions, minimizing turnover and maximizing employee satisfaction.

After a successful career at Computer Sciences Corporation, John Goullet founded the hugely successful INFO technologies, growing revenues to $30 million in under five years. As the head of the company, Goullet positioned the business as a leader in the IT staffing industry and merged with another staffing contractor to create Diversant LLC. With over two decades of IT experience, several successful ventures within the IT industry, and innovative customized solutions, John Goullet has attained a reputation for providing the best practices in recruiting and retaining qualified candidates.

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